Lowcountry restaurant taking extra steps to keep everyone safe from COVID-19

Lowcountry restaurant taking extra steps to keep everyone safe from COVID-19

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - Restaurants, bars, and stores are back open in South Carolina.

But COVID-19 cases are on the rise in the Lowcountry. So how do businesses handle possible cases and exposure?

Restaurant workers interact with hundreds of people a day and as a result, restaurants like Hudson’s Seafood on Hilton Head Island have been taking a few extra steps to keep their employees and customers safe.

“We are not taking any chances with the safety and the health of our guests and our employees," said Hudson’s Seafood President Andrew Carmines.

Restaurants are back open with relatively few restrictions in place by law. As a result, restaurants have to take swift action when they find one of their own has been exposed to COVID-19.

“DHEC regulations say wait till someone presents symptoms or tests positive before you take these steps.”

An employee at Hudson’s Seafood found out last week he had been exposed to a positive COVID-19 patient.

“He was partying with friends from out of town. And he came back to work on Wednesday, and within an hour of being back at work he got a text from his friend that his friend had tested positive.”

But Hudson’s didn’t want to wait until he showed symptoms, as the DHEC guidelines suggest.

“We exited him from the building. Anyone that was within six feet of that employee was asked to go home. And at that point each of those individuals was tested for COVID. Each of those testS has come back negative.”

The restaurant says they believe their quick planning prevented the spread. They hope other restaurants will take the same early precautions

“We did more than what was expected. And as a result possibly save some people from exposure.”

And the workers at Hudson’s say they don’t think they’ve had any more exposure but they say they are prepared just in case.

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