Heavy rain causes flooding in Savannah, Richmond Hill

Heavy rain causes flooding in Savannah, Richmond Hill
Street flooding at 41st and Hopkins in Savannah. (Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - There were numerous reports of street flooding in Savannah on Friday.

WTOC crews located flooded intersections at 41st and Hopkins, Lincoln and Waldberg. There were also reports of flooding along Habersham and Abercorn streets.

For those in the area, it’s no secret that this area of Henry Street, between Atlantic Avenue and East Broad Street, floods nearly any time it rains hard and fast. But neighbors told say Friday may have been the worst they’ve seen.

As the rain came down, the water under the overpass on Henry Street continued to rise.

As the water started to recede, a car started to emerge. One resident saw the car get stuck and it’s passengers safely escape.

“I saw two gentlemen and a woman come out with all of their luggage walking east on Henry,” said one woman who lives on Henry Street.

They say it’s a problem that happens every time it rains but Friday was the worst they’ve seen it in the two years living on Henry Street.

They put sandbags at their door as the water rose closer and closer to their porch, preparing to move furniture and leave the home for the night.

“I don’t like it. I get frustrated and worried honestly that people are going to drive and die, because you hear about flash flooding often. That is incredibly worrisome.”

For another resident on the other side of the overpass, she sees another issue with the flooding.

“It brings up a lot of really gross stuff, and that area really does get a lot of trash, and just knowing that when it does flood back out, it’s going back into the river. I think we need to solve that. I think we really need to solve that, and this happens all the time,” said Nikki Ciocari who lives on Henry Street.

Alderman Dedric Leggett was out checking on the damage and flooding throughout district two and says he hopes people stay aware during these situations.

“You can throw a cup of water out in some places and it’s going to flood, so we really have to pay attention to what we’re doing in this district,” said Leggett.

Those in the area said in May the City did sewer repair, which helped, and that for about half of March and April, you couldn’t pass through the area.

Chatham Emergency Management Agency is reminding drivers to “turn around, don’t drown.”

Alderman Detric Leggett said he is going to address this flooding with city council in hopes of making district two a little safer.

Flooding in Richmond Hill

One of the harder hit areas Friday was Richmond Hill.

A car ended up submerged in a drainage ditch on Live Oak Drive. The driver says she was trying to turn around, and next thing she knew she was in it.

No one was injured.

Most of the flooding happened in a pretty concentrated area of Richmond Hill, near Highway 144, north of the high school. But it created some real issues on the roads.

We caught up with Mayor Russ Carpenter. He says this flooding just sometimes happens in a place with the geographic profile of a Richmond Hill.

“Your own Cutter Martin estimates that it’ll be around five inches that we got in an hour. Which was just way too much for our drainage systems to handle. The drainage is working. It’s just we are in a very low area and we got a lot of rain," said Mayor Carpenter.

Most of that flooding has now subsided. The good news is, to start the weekend, no reports of any damage to homes.

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