NC Sons of Confederate Veterans respond to flags, statues being removed

NC Sons of Confederate Veterans respond to flags, statues being removed
(Source: WBRC)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans responded to statues and flags being taken down across the nation.

Nationally, and locally, Confederate statues were taken down after a call from protesters.

The NC Sons of Confederate Veterans released this statement:

“The North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans (NC SCV) declares in the strongest language that it will stand with its sisters in the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) and other veterans’ groups, and with the two-thirds of all Tar Heel citizens—in every poll—who strongly oppose taking down and removing memorials to our ancestors who fought and died for our state in the War Between the States.

"Here in North Carolina city governments and councils in Rocky Mount, Salisbury, Asheville, Wilmington and other cities, giving in to the violent Marxist mobs (a tiny portion of the population), have voted to take down long-standing monuments which honor those soldiers. In so doing those agents of government commit a grave injustice not only against our ancestors, but against a full understanding of our history and in all its aspects.

"We remind those city fathers that in most of these cases the 2015 North Carolina Monuments Protection Law applies, and that unilateral action without the approval of the North Carolina Historical Commission would be illegal.

"The NC SCV, working with the UDC, will do everything in our power financially, legally, and politically to oppose this “domestic Taliban” of mindless and destructive hatred.

"Those men are officially recognized by the U.S. Federal government as veterans deserving of respect and honor. And their monuments, like the monuments to veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam honor their service, in many cases their death, and not slavery.

"In recent days, almost all symbols of American heritage have been attacked, monuments toppled, defiled and spray painted, by radical Antifa-style mobs: Christopher Columbus, George Washington, the Founders of our country, abolitionist Mathias Baldwin, a memorial to the 54th MA U.S. Colored Troops, and the historic monuments and symbols of the Confederacy.

"It has all been a part of a progressive campaign to completely destroy this republic and distort its past.

"In Portsmouth, VA a rioter is now in a coma after part of a memorial fell on the rioter. This incident only highlights the failures of many local governments to uphold the law and restore order. If these criminal gangs are allowed to continue on their path to destroy our republic, and break every law, more unnecessary physical harm will come to the citizenry.

"We cannot and will not stand idly by as a small, noisy, organized group of Marxist revolutionaries terrorize the majority of our citizens and manipulate local governments into submission.

“A country without a past and its symbols is no country at all.”

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