Plants added to Hunting Island to help fortify dunes

Plants added to Hunting Island to help fortify dunes

HUNTING ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - Over the course of this week, 100,000 grassy plants will be planted along the dunes of Hunting Island. They are supposed to protect the island for years to come.

Hunting island wants to make sure the beaches built over the last year stick around.

“This a lot more natural. We don’t really get to work in places like this very often,” Senior Advisor Chuck Kocur said.

Two days into the work and they have already planted almost a fourth of their total. What they plant could last for decades.

“It’s going to be a good couple of years,” applicator Juan Ortiz said.

The dunes protect the wildlife on the island.

“The do you know itself actually acts as a barrier. To some of the Highwater.”

The plants stabilize the areas.

“The sand blows around quite a bit and the beach, and what the plants do is knock the sand down and help the sand accumulate.”

The company believes the plants, which cost about a dollar apiece, are worth it to ensure the beach built on hunting Island sticks around.

“Another hundred thousand or so is a small price to pay to keep it here.”

They say the vegetation being planted now should expand and grow to protect the Dunes for years to come.

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