Candler Co. schools asking for parents’ input on reopening

Candler Co. schools asking for parents’ input on reopening

CANDLER COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Candler County students, faculty, and staff will return to campuses for school in the fall. But school administrators say that it won’t be business as usual.

That's why they want to talk with parents to know their concerns.

Hallways will look full once again when 2,200 students fill Candler County schools. Administrators say they're still looking at classroom arrangements to manage social distancing. They know they can't keep students -especially young ones- from being close to each other.

“We’re more concerned with our cleanliness, plans for wiping down walls, door knobs and water fountains, keeping bathrooms clean,” Dr. CaDeisha Cooper said.

She says it could impact things like the number of students per bus.

“How do we best manage being safe, but in a manageable way,” asked Dr. Cooper.

She says the listening sessions will include their tentative plans, but plenty of time for parents input.

“We’ll try to tell them what we’ve been thinking and been planning but we also have several questions to get their feedback,” Dr. Cooper said.

They’ll have two sessions; Monday evening and Tuesday morning and they hope to have a virtual platform where parents can take part even if they can’t attend.

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