Evans Co. school superintendent looking to bring students, faculty back safely

Evans Co. school superintendent looking to bring students, faculty back safely

EVANS COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Evans County students could be headed back to the classroom as early as August.

Evans County Schools superintendent Marty Waters says the toughest part about deciding whether to start school on August 3 as planned, is the constant changing of COVID-19 cases that are continuing to pop up, however he says they do have a tentative plan in place.

“We’re very concerned right now about the uptick in the number of cases in states around us even in our own state, I felt very confident last week that we would be headed back to school in August I’m beginning to scratch my head and say well are we really going to be able to go back August the 3rd,” said Waters.

Waters says the current plan uses advice from the Georgia Department of Education and health departments.

Right now the four areas for guidance are low to no spread, minimal spread, moderate and substantial.

He says each area requires either social distancing reminders, enhanced cleaning, potential outdoor dining and potentially restricting physical education classes and recess.

“For most folks it’s easy to understand the substantial process because we went through in March, April and May and what we would plan is very similar to that, but enhancing more with our online E-instruction from that standpoint in support. The other three areas we are going to be looking to the Department of Health to help guide us and say what qualifies us as a low to no spread, with minimal community spread and moderate and with each category the mitigation factors increase.”

Waters says bus plans could include sitting family members together or loading students by row like an airplane to minimize students passing each other.

He says they will also be sending out a survey to parents and faculty to get feedback.

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