Jambo Book Club celebrates diverse stories for children

Children’s book club features diverse stories

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Now more than ever, many families are having important conversations with their children about race and diversity. When one Atlanta couple saw a void in their daughter’s life, they acted on it, and hope to inspire the next generation.

Mijha and Runako Godfrey are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters. For this family, conversations about race started an early age.

“As a black family we talk about race and history all the time so it’s not something that just happens when it’s something on the news. I think that’s important for kids,” Mijha Godfrey told WTOC.

When their oldest daughter started to read, they wanted to make sure what she was reading reflected the diversity of our world today. They didn’t see this, so they started Jambo Book Club, a subscribtion book service focusing on stories featuring children of color.

“My husband and I were inspired to start Jambo Book Club because we were so disappointed with some of the books coming to our house with a different book subscription we had from our Father-in-Law for our oldest child. They were really fun children’s books, but never included any children of color. I just did not want my daughter to have that experience. I wanted her to see her life as completely normal,” Godfrey said.

The Godfreys says their goal is for all children to learn and value diversity from an early age.

“You want your kids to know about the world they live in. That’s the first reason why it’s important. You want to raise kids who know things.”

“As a child to empathize and to recognize the humanity of people who don’t look like you, and with who you may not have had a lot of interaction. That’s why it’s important for us to start early.”

Mijha believes this type of exposure is what will make the world a better place.

“I think there’s so much richness in getting to know people who aren’t necessarily like you.”

The Godfreys hand pick every book they send out. You can follow them on Instagram @JamboBooks or visit there website here.

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