Memorial Health introduces robotic system to assist total knee replacement surgeries

Memorial Health introduces robotic system to assist total knee replacement surgeries

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Memorial Health is introducing new equipment said to help patients.

It’s Memorial Health’s newest addition to their OR. It’s called the ROSA Knee Robotic System and is used for total knee replacement surgeries to provide precision unlike we’ve seen before.

“It’s going to kick me out my plan out if I stray a millimeter to a millimeter and a half. A traditional instrumentation knee you don’t have that level of feedback. It’s also real time so the numbers and whatnot your seeing on the screen is you truly can tweak and dial an implant in to match a specific patient’s anatomy,” said Dr. Jonathan Christy, Orthopedic Surgeon at Memorial Health.

It’s so precise that it even provides a 3D X-ray for the doctor to see and plan a surgery with. The machine itself does not perform surgery but guides the surgeon. Memorial’s ROSA is the first in the state of Georgia.

Dr. Christy spent nine months training to use it and believes it help create better functioning knees for patients.

“Truly, I am very optimistic and hopeful that it’s just going to translate to faster outcomes and again you’re not going to see it probably for three, six, nine months, 12 months down the line but that forgotten knee score that someone is out golfing, playing tennis, shopping whatever it is you like to do, they forgot they had a knee replacement.”

This technology is so new that there are only about 100 ROSA’s across the entire country. Memorial typically does 250 to 300 total knee replacements a year. Dr. Christy says talking with patients, they are interested in the technology that comes at no additional charge.

“I truly think I have the technology that is going to give you a more reproducible, safer way to do a total knee. It’s not been a hard sell.”

The ROSA will officially go into use on it’s first patient here at Memorial Health starting on Monday.

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