Two contenders for Chatham County’s top prosecutor position look at the months ahead

Two contenders for Chatham County’s top prosecutor position look at the months ahead

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Now that official results from last week’s primary election are in, there are two contenders for the County’s top prosecutor position - Shalena Cook Jones and the incumbent District Attorney Meg Heap.

The clear front runner out of last weeks primary election for the Democratic nomination for the DA’s office, Shalena Cook Jones, called a meeting in front of the court house Friday to thank supporters and speak about her concerns regarding challenges for voters at the polls last week.

“I don’t really slight anyone directly because whenever we do something new there’s going to be a learning curve. But now that June 9th has occurred, I expect that we’ll go onward and upward to tighten the rules and expectations around mail-in ballots if we’re still using them,” said Jones.

Jones, a Savannah attorney, says she plans on spending the next few months continuing to engage voters using social media and internet platforms like Zoom.

Jones says her focus will be on creating a more efficient court system as far as the DA’s office is concerned.

Her opponent, incumbent District Attorney Meg Heap says she’ll continue to do the same thing she’s done for the last eight years: draw off her knowledge of the legal system to represent victims, keep violent offenders off the street and find ways to keep people, especially kids, from cycling through the court system.

“I hope the community knows that first and foremost I’m here to represent the victims of crime. There are a lot of things we can do but at the end of the day if your child has been murdered, you want to know the District Attorney is there for you. And that’s what I’ve pledged, and that’s what I will continue to do is make sure that if you’re a victim of crime you have a voice in the system,” said Heap.

Heap ran unopposed to secure the Republican spot for the November election.

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