Bloomingdale citizens protest after Mayor shares controversial post

Bloomingdale citizens protest after Mayor shares controversial post

BLOOMINGDALE, Ga. (WTOC) -People came out to peacefully protest in Bloomingdale on Saturday after Mayor Ben Rozier shared what some would call a controversial post on Facebook.

Protesters at City Hall and Taylor Park are demanding the mayor resign. Mayor Ben Rozier shared a post on Facebook about privilege. The post makes claims including “how privilege is wearing expensive shoes without having a job”, among others. This sparked an uproar in the community on both sides. Protesters say they’re disappointed that their leader would make what they call a racist post.

“No one should be allowed to say the hateful rhetoric that he said that was obviously racist and post those pictures,” said organizer Hannah Minter. “If you are in a position of power and you speak for the people underneath you and the people of your community, you are not allowed to speak like that.”

“I think he absolutely needs to resign,” said organizer Destin Winter. “Whether or not you believe that the post was racist, it’s clearly unprofessional and he’s clearly not an effective leader.”

According to Mayor Ben Rozier, he does not have plans to resign. Rozier tells us he’s ashamed that he hurt somebody’s feelings, but that he did not mention race whatsoever. Rozier also says he does feel he must apologize to the City of Bloomingdale.

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