Senior Citizen’s Inc. works on reopening plan

Senior Citizen’s Inc. works on reopening plan
Senior Citizens Inc. in Savannah. (Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - With many organizations back up and running amid the Coronavirus pandemic, one building in Savannah remains closed.

Senior Citizens Inc. says it is looking over its reopening plans, but they don't expect to open to the public anytime soon.

A lot of seniors have been impacted by the virus. They are one of the most vulnerable groups, and that's why SCI says they want to be extremely cautious when it comes to reopening.

Right now, the staff is back to work at SCI's Main Office on Bull Street, but the building is still closed to the public.

SCI President Patti Lyons says they are continuing to watch the data. Although they are still taking meals to homebound seniors with their Meals on Wheels program, that is about the only service they are offering at this time. But they do plan to start offering some of their services in person within the next few months, like classes at the learning center.

But other facilities will continue to remain closed until the staff feels like it’s safe to take care of seniors again at the adult day health center.

Meanwhile, SCI says they’ve received a number of phone calls from people asking what they should do when visiting with the elderly.

“And if anyone feels as if they have been compromised, then they shouldn’t visit the elderly. And you can always go get tested to see if you’re asymptomatic. The last thing one of us wants to do is to pass such a deadly virus to someone we love,” said Patti Lyons, SCI President.

SCI says they hope to allow people inside their new building, which has been added to their current building, later this fall as well.

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