Beaufort Co. school district leaders speak about plans for upcoming school year

Beaufort Co. school district leaders speak about plans for upcoming school year

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - The state of South Carolina’s Advanced Education Board has released guidelines for next school year.

In Beaufort County, the district says while these are going to help them make a decision, they are not deciding on anything just yet.

The Beaufort County School District says nothing has been ruled out for next year’s plans. But they are expecting answers soon.

South Carolina Accelerated Education has released guidelines for the 2020 - 2021 school year concerning COVID-19.

“We are absolutely going to review those things as we go about developing those plans,” said Jim Foster with Beaufort County.

Those plans include partnerships with DHEC, installation of physical barriers that will protect students and staff, and purchasing PPE. Now the school districts have to figure out what they want to do with that information

“School districts all across South Carolina are in the same boat we are in here in Beaufort County. They are trying to figure out how we keep kids safe and keep our employees safe but get school going again.”

“If you look at districts I think they are offering options,” said Pritchardville Elementary principal Brenda Blue.

Those options are allowing the district to present several plans to parents through surveys

“So many things to consider. And right now we are very much in the discussion phase. We are trying to figure out how much of those things are practical and what we can do to keep the kids safe. "

Principals just want one thing.

“A focus on safety. For students. For staff.”

Teachers will have to prepare quickly whenever the plan does come out.

“So just as we had to adapt and adjust on the fly in March, we came up with a good system for virtual, we are going to do the same.”

For now the district says they can expect that plan in the next two to six weeks.

“We plan to have some thing next month in July.”

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