Everyday Heroes: 2020 Leadership Bulloch class

Everyday Heroes: 2020 Leadership Bulloch class

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A group in Statesboro that’s learning to serve the community found a way to bring the world of reading to children even during a pandemic.

The metal box of books might be almost as popular as the slides and swings. Members of this year's Leadership Bulloch class months ago picked literacy as their class project.

“It helps promote academics. It helps promote self-reliance,” class member Cindy Steinmann said.

They got some surplus newspaper boxes to turn into book-swap stations. They looked at the old boxes and realized it looked a little like a face. And behold, Book Bots were born.

They've placed four of them - including one at Mill Creek Park - full of books for readers of all ages, whatever people bring and donate.

“You’ll see the kids playing around and the parents are over there reading a book. That excites me the most,” class member Nicholas Jordan said.

They started this project long before COVID-19, but it came a perfect time as the virus shutdown so many places.

“Especially with the public library being closed right now. They don’t have access there. But this is here, they can just walk over and grab one. It’s wonderful,” a mother, Tiffany Phillips said.

Class members say it might have been easy to write off a project during a pandemic, but they believed helping others mattered.

“We want kids to have the same access they would have while school was in session.”

Their creativity and determination made the 2020 Leadership Bulloch class Everyday Heroes.

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