Group looking to create a community task force in Richmond Hill

Group looking to create a community task force in Richmond Hill

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - A group in Richmond Hill is asking the city to create a task force to address issues of equality.

The Falcon Group sent a letter on June 5 to the mayor and council.

A portion of the letter reads they, “request that an Equity Task Force be immediately formed by the City of Richmond Hill to address disparities in Richmond Hill, to include the city and unincorporated areas, with regard to economics, health, social support, housing, policing, media, politics, and education.”

The Falcon Group in Richmond Hill is one that looks to provide knowledge, protection and be a voice for the black community, which is why members say the task force they’re looking to create will enhance those efforts.

“We wrote the letter to city council because we wanted to make sure that there was a representation of the community to take care of the issues that are here in Richmond Hill,” said David London with the Falcon Group.

Falcon Group member David London says some of the issues they’re looking to tackle if given the opportunity to create a task force would be broken down into 10 call to actions points, some of which include how black history is perceived in Richmond Hill, slavery and the Gullah Geechee culture, just to name a few.

“Entrepreneurship, medical, affordable housing, policing, politics, community events, land ownership and youth empowerment,” said Marcus Thompson with the Falcon Group.

Group members say although they’re appreciative that the city wants to be a part of community engagement efforts, other groups should also be included.

“We are very glad that Mayor Carpenter is reaching out to the community to form this task force through the Bryan County NAACP, it’s just that the Bryan County NAACP does not represent all voices and all segments of the black community.”

However Richmond Hill Mayor Russ Carpenter disagrees.

“We are not working with the Falcon Group on a task force or anything, I am working and have been prior to any task force suggestion, I’ve been working with the NAACP. Should the NAACP in our working together say let’s do a task force, then that’s when it would be considered,” said Mayor Carpenter.

Falcon Group members say they hope whatever happens, helps the city become stronger and better together.

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