Hilton Head Island considering options to encourage more mask use

Hilton Head Island considering options to encourage more mask use

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - The governor of South Carolina wants businesses to put more protections into place to make sure that employees and customers are staying safe.

Governor Henry McMaster introduced the new Palmetto Priority program Tuesday which encourages restaurants to participate. In return, they get a decal telling customers they are following safety guidelines.

Local restaurants, like Java Burrito, say they have already been complying with most of the program's requirements.

“We wear masks, we have limited tables inside, we are spread out tables outside. Sanitizing stations throughout the restaurant, we’ve got the plexiglass divider between the customers and our whole goal is to make sure everybody feels super safe in our restaurant,” Java Burrito owner Michael Fekete said.

Meanwhile, Wednesday’s meeting with the inter-governmental counsel on Hilton Head Island allowed members to discuss what measures need to be taken to protect residents. The main thought was more people on Hilton Head need to wear masks.

Residents who called in discussed their concerns, stating restaurant workers they'd seen were not always complying with the rules. Council members in the committee suggested several ways they could encourage people on the island to wear masks. Such as installing billboards and encouraging businesses to implement a no mask no service policy.

“It seems to me that our challenge is having our businesses participate in a meeting and I saw signs out there that said no mask, no entry,” councilmember David Aimes said.

The council plans on reaching out to private property owners to see if they would be willing to post signs encouraging masks.

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