Long lines plague Lowcountry COVID-19 testing site

Long lines plague Lowcountry COVID-19 testing site

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) -So many people showed up to a COVID-19 testing site in South Carolina that health officials had to make a last-minute delivery to meet the demand.

People waited in line for hours here at Hilton head high school to get a COVID-19 test performed. It’s the first of many events in the next few weeks.

“We were probably in the second row. And from there it was…We just pulled out. It was 12:30. Almost 3 hours later,” said Kristen Felty.

The department of health opened the testing center with around 500 tests.

“They thought that they were going to run out of tests,” said Karen Saad.

They quickly realized that was not enough.

“They had 500 initial kits that they, after an hour and a half, they had gone through 300 of those kits,” said State Senator Tom Davis. “I called Columbia and we got 400 more testing kits delivered.”

After that delivery they realize they would need even more. Senator Tom Davis says it’s a good thing.

“The more testing we have, the more people can take care and act responsibly and the better picture we have and the better way to allocate resources,” says Senator Davis.

Residents say the tests they took didn’t take long.

“It was quick,” said one resident. “It was very quick, they just took your name and your address and phone number and they said they’d call us.”

Davis says more testing is a priority.

“This is the most important thing for the next couple months that I can do for my constituents is to make sure testing is here, recurrent, often, anyone that wants to get tested can get tested for free.”

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