Chatham County Commission District 2 candidate calls for recount

Chatham County Commission District 2 candidate calls for recount

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Ballots are being re-scanned at the Chatham County Board of Elections Office.

A candidate in the Chatham County Commission District 2 race requested a recount, after being edged out of a run-off race by eight votes.

A recount in an election result is basically re-casting all of the ballots that would affect the race in question.

Clinton Edminster received the most votes, nearly 2,100 total. But the second place candidate, Tony B. Riley, and third place candidate, Michael J. Hamilton, Sr. were separated by only eight votes.

Being well within a half a percent of the candidate ahead of him, a recount was requested by Hamilton, Sr.

“Any recount we’ve ever done in the past, the votes came out the same. This is a lot of new territory for us because in the past most of it was electronic and only part of it was the paper component. Here we’re actually using the paper component of every aspect,” said Chatham County Elections Supervisor Russell Bridges.

Bridges says that includes absentee, provisional and early voting ballots, in addition to pulling the paper ballots from the precincts where people voted for the County Commission 2nd District race.

Time wise, Bridges says the re-casting began Wednesday, continued Thursday, and will resume Friday.

The elections supervisor says if the result of the recount comes up different than what’s been certified by the Board of Elections, the result would have to be investigated.

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