Health officials seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases among youths

Health officials seeing rise in COVID-19 cases among youths

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - New testing data shows that coronavirus cases are skyrocketing among young people in their 20s and 30s.

The CDC now says that many of those spikes are being seen right here in the South.

The Coastal Health District says of the counties they serve, they are seeing around 15-percent of positive cases are found in those that are 25 or younger.

Nurse Manager Tammi Brown says although the number is moderately low, it is significant. She says it's important that people, especially young people, do not get complacent.

Brown says although states are opening back up, we are still experiencing a pandemic. She says it’s important that people continue to wash their hands, wear their masks, and socially distance themselves from others because although an individual may not feel sick, they could be passing the virus to someone else.

"They may not be as symptomatic, but they can carry the virus home to their parents, grandparents, or young children. They really need to be reminded of that," said Tammi Brown, Chatham County Nurse Manager.

Brown also says if you are young and want to see your parents or grandparents, it may be best to get tested right before you visit.

Right now, free testing is being offered six days a week. The schedule can be found on the Coastal Health District’s website by clicking here.

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