Bethesda Academy holds in-person graduation ceremony for class of 2020

Bethesda Academy holds in-person graduation ceremony for class of 2020

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -16 graduating seniors at Bethesda Academy walked across the stage on Saturday morning.

A socially distanced graduation ceremony was held, and each graduate had his own personal tent for his family.

Tents were spaced out in a u-shape surrounding the stage.

Family and faculty watched as the Bethesda class of 2020 walked proudly with their heads high, starting with a traditional reflection lap around campus before walking across the stage.

“These 16 young men are very special to us,” said Bethesda President Michael Hughes. “We were very determined to have them celebrate their success in person, they have grown into young men of high character.”

President Hughes and other faculty members say even though their graduates got to celebrate the way not every senior did this year, watching all 16 of them grow into young men and young leaders are what it’s all about.

“It just means a lot to these guys who have been through so much, you know, no prom, no track season, no athletic season in the spring; these are just tough days that we’re in and so to see these guys have that opportunity it just means a lot,” said head football coach Antwain Turner.

Parents say this is a moment they will cherish forever.

“It’s something for him to remember,” said parent Valerie Murchison. “That he did get to do his graduation and to be with his brothers that he’s been with for four years. This is nice.”

Also a memorable moment for valedictorian Jaden Wright.

“It feels great, I’m proud of myself but I’m also proud of my family because without them I wouldn’t be here today and God most of all,” said valedictorian Jaden Wright. ”Shoutout to my parents, my family and if you’re watching thank you.”

13 of 16 graduates are headed to college, two already have jobs and one has already started basic training before entering the Army.

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