Savannah student pens poem on stereotypes

Savannah student pens poem on stereotypes

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -People around the country are having conversations about race, ethnicity and more.

“I just wanted to prove people wrong and I wanted to put up a stand against stereotypes,” says Amanda Gills. Gills is 14-years-old. She wants to be a writer and actress and plans to attend Savannah Arts Academy in the fall. After learning about stereotypes in class, she says she was inspired to write about them.

“When we’re younger, we hear them from other people, and sometimes we are told that they are true and there’s no way that person is different so we just perceive these people as what we are told they are,” she says.

Her poem is called “The Darkness Hidden in the Center of the Earth.” It addresses stereotypes taught about different groups of people and how that needs to change.

She says she found her passion for writing in an after school writing program and is even published in the group's book.

Gills wrote the poem in March and says at the time, she didn’t think it would apply to what’s going on in the country right now but still wanted to say something and hopefully make a difference.

“I think it takes a lot of confidence to speak out about problems with the world and people just don’t wanna hear it so you have to force them to hear it in a[n] obviously peaceful way,” Gills said. ” I want them to just hear it and take it in and share it with other people because if we all hear it maybe, maybe something will change.”

Amanda Gills poem

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