Jasper County School District officials announce preliminary plan to reopen schools

Jasper County School District officials announce preliminary plan to reopen schools

JASPER COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Jasper County School District officials announced their preliminary plan to reopen schools.

“We have to agree that what we used to know as the school that we left in what we call the normal atmosphere, traditional school, that’s not what we’re going to return to, so we have to be ready to adjust as I think many of us have, but we also have to be willing to admit and accept that there will be changes,” said superintendent Dr. Rechel Anderson.

Changes like implementing hybrid learning, a mixture between learning in the classroom and remote learning.

Superintendent Anderson says 49 percent of the district’s families want this option , but families will ultimately get to choose between this, face to face classes or remote learning classes only.

For now, students can expect to return August 17t.

But the way some come to school will look different. Bus capacity will be reduced by 50 percent and riders will be required to wear face masks or shields.

“For us, maximum capacity is approximately 36 students. That’s not a lot of students. It’s not a lot when you’re talking about 72 students so hence why I’m expressing to you about the transportation piece that we will just not have the space.”

Staff will take the temperatures of every student before they enter the building. Students will also wear different color uniform shirts for each grade level and be required to wear a mask.

“We’re asking for again, uniforms to be revamped for safety so we can safely identify students. And what grade level they’re in, etc. as they’re transitioning, when they do transition throughout our building.”

Classes will only be held Monday through Thursday.

On Fridays, students can continue to learn virtually or catch up on assignments. Teachers will use this day for lesson planning, grading, tutoring and more.

Superintendent Anderson stressed that this plan could change, but will update families if they do.

The district also says schools will be disinfected and sanitized every day.

Parents and students can find the full preliminary reopening plan on the district’s website on Tuesday.

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