Springfield girl makes wooden flags for law enforcement

Springfield girl makes wooden flags for law enforcement

SPRINGFIELD, Ga. (WTOC) - A 12-year-old girl in Springfield is using her time to make American flags with thin blue lines for law enforcement departments.

Taylor Swint carves the signs out of wood all by herself and they’re becoming quite popular.

“So out of each six-foot board, I can make three flags.”

Like most 12-year-olds Taylor Swint loves to be outside and play sports, but during the pandemic she’s decided to use her time a little differently; trying to bring a little happiness to the world especially for those on the front lines.

“I started making the thin blue line because right now with all the stuff that’s happening, I just want the police department to know that there’s people out there who really appreciate what they do for our community and our country,” she said.

Swint said it all started after she made a few signs for her family and from there it took off.

“I have a few over here that are already done.”

Taylor said it used to take her ten minutes to make one sign, but she’s cut that time in half.

Now her biggest dilemma is running out of tape.

”I made a red line for my friend and so the tape is where the white parts are and I’m going to stain around it, but I just ran out of tape.”

With great attention to detail, she polishes every corner of each flag and she takes pride in her project.

“It makes me feel very grateful that she has such a good heart and if anybody knows her she’s definitely known as the funny one,” said mom Alex Proctor. “The one that amuses everybody but she also makes sure everybody feels welcome; she’s always been giving.”

With orders piling up.

"She's actually had over 50 orders and she is working on the tail end of about 15 right now."

Her mom said there’s a method to the madness.

“A bunch of pages in here of all my orders,” Taylor said.

“We have workouts in the morning, she has softball conditioning in the afternoons and I was worried that she might get overwhelmed,” Proctor said.

The 12-year-old said it feels good knowing how far a little creativity can go.

"It makes me feel really warm inside knowing that I'm doing something that can affect somebody else's life."

The money she gets from the American flags with the blue lines goes toward different departments.

Taylor has also been using her own money to buy gift cards to give to the law enforcement along with their wooden flags.

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