Savannah residents react to mandate requiring masks

Savannah residents react to mandate requiring masks

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Mayor Van Johnson’s executive order requiring face masks in public will change behavior in the city of Savannah.

By Wednesday at 8 a.m., it will be a civil infraction to not wear a mask in Savannah. While it’s a big move, it’s one that several people say they support.

“I think a lot of people are in denial that this is an actual issue that we’re facing and just because it doesn’t, like doesn’t “affect” you and you don’t think you need to wear a mask it’s not just for you it’s for other people to protect them,” said Claire Harrison, a Savannah resident.

“I don’t think they are taking it very seriously and yes I think this is going to be a positive thing that they are mandating masks,” said Sandra Hensley, a Savannah resident.

Several say they feel this decision was needed as we see local cases of COVID-19 rise.

“After watching the charts and everything and just seeing how many people get sick, especially when you know people you know get sick you’re like wow this thing is really big and you definitely need to wear a mask,” said Ani Asanga, a Savannah resident.

Sandra lives downtown and says the mayor’s executive order gives grace while also putting public safety first.

“They are giving everyone the opportunity that if they don’t have a mask they are going to provide them one before they actually site them for not wearing a mask so everybody has the opportunity to wear a mask and be safe,” said Hensley.

As for tourists, they feel wearing a mask won’t change their experience here in the Hostess City.

“Covering my mouth and nose isn’t covering my eyes and my ears to sights and sounds of the beautiful City of Savannah,” said Kyle Gallagher, who visited from Savannah.

Some do dislike the order but declined to appear on camera. Those we spoke to all say wearing a mask is a small sacrifice for others during this health pandemic.

Efficacies of Facemasks from Florida Atlantic University

Efficacies of Facemasks from Florida Atlantic University

Info from Florida Atlanta University:

“Researchers from Florida Atlantic University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science conducted an experiment using flow visualization to demonstrate how far a cough travels and how long it lingers in the air. Flow visualization is a method that enables flow patterns, such as a stream of particles from a cough, to become visible in fluids like air and water since they are transparent. Various techniques using flow visualization make these patterns visible to the naked eye.

In a laboratory setting, the researchers were able to visually demonstrate a mechanically emulated cough/sneeze jet from an orifice representing the mouth and the associated particle-laden airflow using a mannequin and other props.

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