Chatham EMS shares fireworks safety tips

Chatham EMS shares fireworks safety tips

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Fourth of July weekend is upon us, and officials with Chatham Emergency Services want you to be safe through the holiday.

They say they expect to see more people shooting off fireworks themselves, with major public fireworks displays in our area canceled.

Lieutenant Carl Sapp says to make sure to set fireworks off in an open area where any mishaps won't endanger buildings or homes.

He also says dry debris like pine straw on your roof could pose a fire risk from falling embers.

And, think critically about what fireworks you let children play with.

“With kids, everybody wants to give little kids sparklers because they’re ‘safer’, those things burn between 1,700 and 3,000 degrees. So, you’re basically giving them a small welding rod. And, you have to be careful with those, they burn each other with them by accident, or they... think they’ve gone out but the metal’s still hot for a few minutes. If you can, have a pail of water to drop them in afterwards, even if you have a bucket of sand you can drop them down into, that’s the best thing,” said Sapp.

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