Good News: I Pledge for Ice Cream campaign

Good News: I Pledge for Ice Cream campaign

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - One of Savannah’s sweetest traditions has returned, Leopold’s I Pledge for Ice Cream campaign.

It’s always a good time for free ice cream.

“It’s impressive that they’re doing this for everybody.”

But there's never been a better time for Leopold's "I Pledge for Ice Cream'' campaign than right now.

“I think now is such a difficult time with everything that’s going on, it’s like the perfect time to get people to be more patriotic for their country and look at the good side, the positives right now. In a negative world, this will spread positivity,” said Deanna McGinley who’s daughter recited pledge at Leopold’s.

Leopold’s kicked off its annual celebration of America and National Ice Cream Month on July 1st, giving a free ice cream cone to any child 12 and under who said the Pledge of Allegiance outside their store.

And they will continue making the offer available every Monday this month.

“This is our 10th year doing this. It’s exciting for us to see the young ones, 12 and under, come here and recite the pledge of allegiance from memory. It’s incredibly gratifying to see this,” said owner Stratton Leopold.

They’re outside this year because of current safety precautions. But reaching into hearts given current circumstances in the country.

“It’s great because it’s something positive. You want to hear positive, everything is so negative right now, you want to hear positive news,” said Jessica Stehens who’s children recited the pledge.

The campaign about country is now across the country, with Leopold’s campaign being duplicated in 40 different states.

“We started a website, We put all of our promotional materials on there. And then we got ice cream shops across the country to do it. We want nothing out of it, we just want it to happen.

And it will be happening every Monday this month, reminding kids why they say the pledge every day at school.

“To promote pride in our country and spread I guess love all through our country,” said Hailey Edwards who recited the pledge.

“It’s something important they should know and they shouldn’t forget everything our country has done and all the people who died for us and are fighting for us currently,” said Leopold.

Leopold’s will set up a flag outside its Broughton Street store from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. every Monday in July and invite youngsters down to recite the pledge and enjoy free ice cream.

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