Crowds expected in Downtown Savannah over Fourth of July weekend

Crowds expected in Downtown Savannah over Fourth of July weekend

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Savannah’s Fourth of July is looking a little bit different this year. Instead of fireworks and celebrations people are celebrating in their own groups and by going out to the bars that are open.

We spoke with people Friday evening who say they are just here to have some fun.

“We are just trying to come up and enjoy Savannah and enjoy the atmosphere,” said Savannah resident Tamarcus Smith.

As visitors and residents enjoy Savannah this weekend, many are trying to do so safely. Some visitors we spoke with say not everyone is wearing a mask.

”I think it’s like 50-50. I think we are used to, in D.C. everyone pretty much wears masks.”

Two visitors we spoke with say they struggled to figure out what Savannah’s mask ordinance was.

“What really was the standard here? We are at our hotel and they didn’t know. They weren’t sure if we were going to get fined or if you need to wear it all the time or that kind of stuff.”

Locals say people are trying, but not always wearing their masks.

“As I looked around I think people are, but also I think people are just conditioned to being on vacation.”

Locals and residents say they know people are trying.

“It’s nice to see people who are from here and outside doing social distancing. It’s comforting, but again some people get close some people act out.”

And everyone is just trying to celebrate Independence Day this weekend.

“It’s a great atmosphere. You know we are really looking forward to having fun but also trying to be safe.”

And to be clear the mask ordinance in Savannah states if you are inside a commercial building you have to be wearing a mask. Certain exceptions are being made, but for the most part masks are encouraged.

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