4th annual Cars on the Burn for Bethesda set for July 4

Cars on the Burn at Bethesda

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Bethesda Academy’s roots go back to 1740, and the school has maintained its role in developing boys into young men. It takes money, and that’s where a lot of donors step in to help the school out, including one group that really loves their cars.

The Oglethorpe Driving Club has found an organization that they really like to support.

“Helping these kids who are trying to better themselves and get a good education, and not only that, we get to Indoctrinate them about cars so that a hobby like this will go on in the future,” said Michael Shortt, Oglethorpe Driving Club Spokesperson.

“Over three years we’ve raised over $30,000 and been able to provide six families for their scholarship obligations, and we hope this year that we can keep that momentum going and raise enough for four scholarships in one year. Our members are heavy donors, but we also collect at the gate,” said Kevin Iacovozzi, Founding President of Oglethorpe Driving Club.

Iacovozzi is also one of the last boys adopted out of Bethesda when it was an orphanage. The driving club is now 14 years old, made up of about 50 drivers who love cars and driving them.

“It’s just a visceral feeling you get when you’re driving down the road with the wind in your hair, and the feeling for speed for some of us. We like to go fast, it just puts a smile on my face,” Iacovozzi explained.

They meet every first Saturday in town for Cars and Coffee, but once a year, they host Cars on the Burn at Bethesda.

“You’ll see all kinds of cars, everything from muscle cars to classic and exotics, antiques, trucks, motorcycles. This is the wonderful thing about Savannah and it’s car community, we manage to draw all kinds of people from all different kinds of clubs, and everybody always gets along,” Iacovozzi said.

This is the fourth year for the Cars on the Burn, and they are expecting around 200 cars on the campus just off the Moon River. A few examples are a ’69 Alpha Romero, a ’71 Pantera, and a 1935 Buick Limited, one of only 20 remaining in the world.

Sure, people like to show off their cars, but at this event they can walk away feeling good about it, seeing where the money goes.

“We do, and the kids come out here and they’ll probably be helping to park cars tomorrow, and they’re appreciative, and their parents are appreciative, it’s just a wonderful facility. There are some things you do that you shake your shoulders and go, we helped but it didn’t feel fluffy. I hear you feel warm and fuzzy when you leave,” said Iacovozzi.

Cars on the Burn at Bethesda will be Saturday, July 4, from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Parking is free. The event is also free for spectators as they raise money from the people displaying their cars, which is still open. The cost is $20 to display your vehicle. Click for more info.

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