Chatham County District 2 race recount not re-certified

Chatham County District 2 race still not certified

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - The results of a Chatham County Commission race from nearly a month ago still aren’t official.

The Chatham County Board of Elections Chair confirmed to WTOC that the board did not re-certify the election results at their most recent meeting. This comes after they finished a recount in the District 2 race.

With only eight votes separating the second and third place candidates in the District 2 race, the Board of Elections performed the recount.

That’s when they found there was actually a 33 vote difference.

“It did not make any change in the first place finisher and second place finisher. It did however change the numbers in so in any event whether there was any change or no change we would still have to recertify the vote after the recount,” said Chatham County Board of Elections Chair Thomas J. Mahoney.

The board decided not to vote on making those results official just yet.

One of the issues that concerned board members, some absentee ballots were accidentally scanned twice at a precinct. Board Member Antwan Lang says he withdrew his motion to certify the results.

“Many of us had questions based on the answers that we were given from questions, we did not feel comfortable with how we were presented the information. and so we wanted to know exactly why were the numbers different? Where did those numbers come from? Why weren’t they involved in the first count,” asked Lang.

He also says they were told the board certifying the results is a practice that has been done in the last few years, but the elections supervisor could recertify the results without their vote.

“We had a challenge with that, we had a problem with that. So I think that the supervisor decided to not to do that and wanted to, I think he felt probably it was best to allow us to do the voting so it was just better that way because we did had have reservations,” said Lang.

Lang says he will be comfortable voting to recertify, once the results are explained and wants clarity on where the different number of votes came from.

The Board of Elections Chair says he expects the board to vote to re-certify the results at their next meeting.

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