Community Champions: ‘100 Things to do in Savannah Before You Die’

Community Champions: ‘100 Things to do in Savannah Before You Die’

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Cele and Lynn Seldon had less of a challenge finding things to do in Savannah than they did letting people know about what they had found.

“We started with more than 200 on the original list, including 60 restaurants we wanted to send people to.”

“The release party was scheduled for here on March 15th, so that didn’t quite happen,” said Cele and Lynn Seldon, authors of “100 Things to do in Savnnah Before You Die.”

The Beaufort couple’s book “100 Things to do in Savannah Before You Die,‘' came out during the health crisis, making Savannah part of a book series that has featured about 75 popular U.S. cities.

“We’re travel journalists by day, so we’ve been visiting the city for years and writing about it for years. But we still reached out to a lot of colleagues and friends and acquaintances and asked them, what’s your go-to places in Savannah.”

Now the couple is discovering that people can go to most of the places they wrote about with the city continuing to open.

“Rough guess, I would say 70. Some like restaurants, you might not be able to eat inside, but they’re doing takeout. Bonaventure Cemetery has great tours. All the squares here are in the book. One of my favorite ones is to do a driving tour of the Savannah Wildlife Refuge, it’s a little down the road but it’s a beautiful drive. It’s about a four-mile loop that you can do from the comfort of your car, it’s great wildlife and beautiful foliage. Easy social distancing, just the animals and nature.”

As travel begins to tick up again, these WTOC Community Champions hope Savannah tourism experiences the same boost that was provided by a book in the series they wrote about Charleston.

“It’s always been, someday it will be as good as Charleston. It’s as good as Charleston, so great reputation. I think a lot of times when people come here, they do it along with Charleston, and they find there’s less traffic here, they find they can get into restaurants more easily and it’s just a very approachable, historic, friendly city.”

The Seldon's book is available locally at E. Shaver Book Sellers and the Visitor's Center, as well as Amazon.

They plan to reschedule their release party at E. Shavers as soon as they are safely able to do so.

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