Local art on display at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport

Art on display at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Savannah has a lot of art galleries in the Historic District, and it’s hard for tourists to hit all of them. The Savannah Art Association is trying to make sure those that visit the Hostess City have an easy way to take in some of the work by local artists.

Just under the giant flag at the front of the airport, is quite an art show that is free and open for anyone to check out.

“Oh, there’s such diversity. It’s a happy theme and people come and they smile and they had a good time painting,” said Carol Anderson, Savannah Art Association President. “They will see a diverse group of paintings. Primarily paintings but there are some other works. There are some sculptures and some fabric art and so forth, but the diversity of this group continues to amaze me and inspire me, the quality of art, the level of artistry, and they’re very nice people.”

Anderson says she believes the Savannah Art Association is the oldest continuous group of artists in the state, and they are celebrating their Centennial this year. Right now, the association is made up of around 130 members.

One of the main attractions to this gallery is a 20-foot-long painting of Savannah’s Riverfront.

“It’s a quarantine project, yep. Deep shelter quarantine project that I might not have undertaken in normal time. I really didn’t have a lot of this planned. It was something that I just sat down and started. And kind of enjoying the fruits of that labor,” said Ivan Chow, Architect.

Chow says the mural covers the one mile stretch of the riverfront. He began on the east end with the sunrise.

“Tracks through the day, and sunsets on the west, so it’s a full day in the life of the city of Savannah,” Chow said.

And while the Savannah River and the buildings around it provide great inspiration, the entire region brings out the creative side to the artist.

“Yes, and I love painting the region. I live on the water on the Ogeechee River and I’m inspired every day. I love this place and all the islands off the Georgia coast - I’ve visited every one of them. It’s in my blood. You are touched by this city or the region in some way. Always, people love this place. They love it, and they come back,” said Carol Hartley, Chairperson of the Airport Gallery.

The group also wants to encourage locals to go to the airport and check out the exhibit, reminding everyone that it will only cost them the price of parking, which is usually around $1.

The exhibit will run through September 25, 2020.

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