Volunteer group helping build dining hall at Seventh Mile Farm

Volunteer group helping build dining hall at Seventh Mile Farm

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A group in Bulloch County that helps families is getting some help themselves this week.

A metal building was just a roof and beams just a few weeks ago. But it’s making amazing progress thanks to some out of town guests.

Construction crews swarmed like bees despite the South Georgia heat. They're from a group called Builders for Christ, a non-denominational group that does construction for small churches and other faith-based groups.

Six weeks ago, a team built the walls for a dining hall at Seventh Mile Farm. This team is hanging 400 sheets of drywall here and in cabins nearby.

Founder Chris Yaughn says a team of dozens of builders helps them do what he could only imagine.

“We expect to be finished with the main dining hall here at Seventh Mile Farm 2-3 months from now. Prior to our partnership with Builders for Christ, we were looking at a year or two,” said Yaughn.

Seventh Mile Farm and Fostering Bulloch team together to serve the families of foster children and others with physical, emotional, or behavioral challenges that make it hard for them to interact with other kids.

Yaughn says they’ll have another volunteer group come through in a few more weeks.

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