Davenport House leading the way

Davenport House leading the way

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - There are a few cities where history is a part of the economy, and Savannah is surely one of them.

To get the economy back up and running, you have to find a way to open it back up. The Davenport House believes they’ve found away and they are glad to share what they’re doing.

The Davenport House opened it’s doors again back on June 1. They were one of the first sites to make that move, and 40 days later, they are still confident they made the right move.

“I do because we opened so early, we have a track record, we’ve learned a lot from what we have done. Some things worked and some things didn’t, and so, we hope that we’re a good stewardship model for other places that are just opening up,” said Jamie Credle, Director of the Davenport House.

They also learned a few things and thought about new ways to operate. The tours now begin outside in Columbia Square.

“We thought about it but it was always something that we pushed to the side, but now it’s like why didn’t we do this long ago? If we’re about architecture, we need to see the outside and the inside,” Credle said.

Outside there are plenty of signs to let you know what they want out of visitors. Inside you are greeted through a plexiglass window at the counter. They expect people to wear masks inside and spread out. They are also proud to show that they are going local with plenty of hand sanitizer.

Davenport House takes a lot of pride in knowing museums throughout the region are turning to the museums of the Hostess City to see how it’s done.

“We certainly do, we think that we’re Savannah’s front door, and we take great pride in being able to put out an authentic Savannah in a story. So yes, we think we are a leader and we want to show people the right way to do it,” said Credle.

“Through this whole thing, she has collaborated with all the museums, not just locally, but also regionally, and I’m really proud of that for our institution,” said Sue Adler, Savannah Historic Foundation CEO/President.

Adler believes the cooperation among Savannah sites is what really makes our tourism industry work.

“Savannah is such an incredible place and people care about community here. And with COVID, it really gave us all an excuse, to get together and say how are you managing, what are you doing, when are your events, when are you doing your event because I don’t want to do my event when you do your event cause let’s help each other,” she said.

“It’s a collection of sites that make Savannah a destination and if we all work together, we’re a better destination for that,” Credle said.

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