Chatham Co. Republican Party wants independent review of voting issues during June Primary

Chatham Co. Republican Party wants independent review of voting issues during June Primary

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A group with Chatham County’s Republican Party, and several other community groups, are calling for an independent review of issues during the June primary elections.

The voter advocacy group also demanded that the Chatham County Board of Elections postpone Monday’s meeting until their demands were met.

WTOC received a statement form the Board of Elections, reading in part, “The Board of Elections will not bow to political pressures to postpone today’s meeting and the important elections work at hand.”

The meeting was held on Monday. You can watch a stream below:

The Chatham County Board of Elections is meeting this afternoon to cover a host of topics, including re-certifying a recount.

Posted by WTOC-TV on Monday, July 13, 2020

Monday ‘s virtual board meeting specifically and only focused on the shortcomings of the June 9 election, what things did work, and what needs to happen in the weeks before the run-off and months before the General Election in November.

“We have to know that what’s being done here in Chatham County is fixed before November,” Chatham County Republican Party 1st Vice Chair Carl Smith said.

Smith led off the recently organized meeting, saying he isn’t satisfied with only the Secretary of State’s Office looking into voting issues in Chatham County.

“We’re also asking for the Chatham County Commission to initiate their own review of the current superintendent and the members of the Board of Elections and to seek to correct the mistakes and almost complete lack of oversight that has transpired the last few years,” Smith said.

County Commissioner Jay Jones happened to be standing with the group and was asked if he thinks commission could handle a review like that.

“It’s not whether we can handle it or not, it’s something that needs to be done,” Jones said.

Also listening in on the groups demands was board member Marianne Heimes.

“There were many things said that were correct. Those are the things that we are trying, as you will see, we are trying to correct. We know there were mistakes,” Heimes said.

A member with the Secretary of State’s Voter Education team confirmed investigations into concerns raised by Board of Elections member Debbie Rauers and by the campaign manager for Congressional Candidate Daniel Merritt have been launched.

Monday is the deadline to register for local and statewide runoff elections on Aug. 11.

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