Federal judge blocks Ga.’s ‘heartbeat’ bill, Savannah Film Alliance relieved

Federal judge blocks Ga.’s ‘heartbeat’ bill, Savannah Film Alliance relieved

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A federal judge has permanently blocked Georgia’s ‘heartbeat’ abortion law because he says it violates the constitution.

When the governor signed the law, several film production companies pulled their business out of Georgia, including here in Savannah.

The founder of the Savannah Film Alliance told us he was relieved by this ruling and believes it’s a victory for all Georgians.

The Founder of the Savannah Film Alliance, Charles Bowen, says he was not surprised by a federal judge’s decision to permanently block Georgia’s ‘heartbeat” law.

“Nothing can really be shocking in today’s world but they certainly made the absolute best right legal decision that I think it’s beneficial for everyone involved,” said Bowen.

The law banned abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can happen as early as six weeks into pregnancy.

It was supposed to go into affect January first of this year, but a federal judge temporarily blocked it in October.

Bowen says the film industry pulls billions of dollars into Georgia and millions into Savannah.

If the law had gone into affect, he says it would’ve been disastrous.

“Let’s be honest, it would’ve been catastrophic. I think most people understood that it was unconstitutional as drafted so you didn’t see that mass exodus from the state from the time it was passed. Most people have faith in the judicial system and that faith today was rewarded.”

Bowen says right now, the focus of the entertainment and film industry is to get back up and running due to COVID-19.

He says now they can do that without worrying about business leaving the state because of the law.

“This isn’t just a victory for the film industry. This is a victory for all Georgians. For everyone who believes in the rule of law, so it’s a day of celebration for a lot of people.”

We reached out to several local pro-life groups to get their reaction, but we did not get a response.

Governor Kemp tweeted that the state will appeal the court’s decision.

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