McDonald’s to match roundup program for Ronald McDonald Charities

McDonald’s to match roundup program for Ronald McDonald Charities

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Nonprofit organizations everywhere have been facing some obstacles because of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the Ronald McDonald Charities of the Coastal Empire is no exception.

CEO and Executive Director Bill Sorochak says RMHC was expecting a big chunk of their funds this year to come from the roundup program. That allows you to round up your bill at McDonald’s to the next dollar for donations to the organization. But he says that fundraising plan took a big hit when restaurants were shut down or reduced to drive-thru only earlier this year.

“When we projected last years numbers, we only really projected for about 3 months, and that three months we saw record numbers projecting a minimum of $75,000 for the year which of course we’re nowhere near going to be,” said Sorochak.

To help make up for some of the money that would have been raised, McDonald’s corporate offices are giving you some additional ways to donate, and supporting friendly competition between Ronald McDonald Houses in South Georgia and North Florida.

“Until August 12th, the roundup program is going to be tracked....McDonalds Corporate is also going to match the donation.”

He says this intiative couldn’t have come at a better time, as the organization is seeing even more requests for help right now, and the pandemic is presenting a new set of challenges.

“Our phones keep getting blown up with people asking for any assistance,” Sorochak said.

He says the RMHC of the Coastal Empire has recently received some new grants. He says those will allow the nonprofit to work specifically with the cancer unit on Memorial’s campus to help give families access to their property during the day.

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