Beaufort County School District to focus on flexibility ahead in final school plans


BEAUFORT CO, S.C. (WTOC) - Parents and teachers have a lot of questions for school districts planning on re-opening right now. Beaufort County has not yet decided what they will do. They say flexibility is important.

The Beaufort County School District has already opened registration for school. Parents can choose online learning or in-person learning for their children.

“For parents who are looking at this and saying ‘I already know what I want to do… I’m comfortable. I made my decision a while ago, I want to have virtual for my child', they can go ahead and register,” says Superintendent Dr. Frank Rodriguez. “For those parents who say I know what I want to do I want my child back in school, they can go ahead and register.”

The two options will allow principals to plan social distancing guidelines for their students.

“Knowing upfront that different cases will have different scenarios built in around them, right? And we don’t know specifics of different cases. So to provide a hypothetical of things like that is very difficult to do,” said Dr. Rodriguez.

Any actions the district takes will be at the guidance of DHEC

“We will work closely with our healthcare professionals and work closely with DHEC,” he says. “To follow the specific guidelines that DHEC has.”

They are prepared to change their plan depending on COVID-19 numbers in the county and directions from the state.

“We can see a shift in and out of virtual learning if we had to.”

WTOC will have an update to this story when the final plan is released Friday.

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