Good News: Veteran carriers trucking for a cause

Good News: Veteran carriers trucking for a cause

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Losing a friend in the military can be tough - even tougher on the families.

Cliff White realized a dream in business.

“I started with one truck and we’re running over 100 trucks here. So the sky’s the limit.”

Now he's shooting for one in kindness.

White and Rob Cooch merged their trucking companies three years ago to form Veteran Carriers and ever since have been interested in starting a non-profit organization to help others, including the unit of Air Force specialists they both belonged to.

“TAC P is Tactical Air Control Party. It’s a small group in the Air Force, about 1,500 members. And what we do is, we’re always aligned with an Army echelon, from a conventional echelon to the Rangers to Special Forces. And we call in air strikes.”

White has started Veteran Carriers Trucking for a Cause, an organization that will operate fundraising events to support TAC P families and Gold Star families but also contribute to other local non-profit organizations.

“Our intent is to do four to six events a year with one of those events gong 100 percent to the TAC P Foundation and every other event, we would do to help our local community because this is where we live, this is where we conduct our business and Savannah supports us a lot. So, we want to team up with other non-profit organizations that help the needy, ranging from Habitat for Humanity to Vets for Pets.”

The first Trucking for a Cause event will be in two weeks, a golf tournament at Southbridge Golf Club that White and co-organizer Cliff Horton are trying to make as big as possible.

“We have the teams we need, but we’re really looking for hole sponsors, corporate sponsors. We’re going to be having an auction, so any kind of items we can auction off to raise money, you come to a point where you say, hey, we’ve been extremely blessed, here, we’ve been extremely successful and it just come to a point where you say I’ve got to find a way to help my community.”

The golf tournament to support Trucking for a Cause will be played July 31. The organization already has plans for a car show in the fall and a skeet shoot after that - all to support local charities.

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