Savannah restaurant group owner comments on mask mandate

Savannah restaurant group owner comments on mask mandate

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The mayor of Savannah states the city will still enforce the mask mandate even after an executive order from the governor banned such ordinances.

In the same executive order, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp kept requirements for restaurants. Here are just a few things order requires for restaurants:

  1. Workers who have COVID-19 symptoms should not report to work
  2. Require workers to wear face coverings while interacting with patrons.
  3. Post signage on entrance that no one with symptoms is permitted in
  4. Provide Hand sanitizing sanitizer for patrons.

The owner of one Savannah restaurant group says the food industry is already under strict rules and regulations, and food service is inherently safer because of that.

Still, Savannah’s Gaslight Group restaurants and bar are sticking with the emergency mask order guidelines in Savannah. Mayor Johnson said during Thursday’s news conference that nothing changes after Governor Kemp signed an order Wednesday voiding mask mandates in Georgia cities and counties.

Mayor Johnson says the order will continue to be enforced, and that businesses, including restaurants will continue to be held to the standard per the city’s order.

“We’re going to continue to request people wear masks. We haven’t kicked people out for not wearing masks. Our policy that we adopted two weeks ago when the mandatory mask ordinance came down was [if] you’re eating, drinking or smoking, that alleviates you from the executive order,” Gaslight Group owner Brian Huskey said.

Huskey said they have also purchased masks to hand out to patrons, especially in the Historic District locations that see visitors that might not know about the rules the city and businesses have adopted.

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