Foster Fears: Local organization asking for help amid pandemic

Young adults just aged out of foster care at risk of homelessness without your support

Foster Fears: Local organization asking for help amid pandemic

POOLER, Ga. (WTOC) - Unfortunately, foster care is often overlooked in our society, and since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems it’s only gotten worse.

Limiting funding and threatening to push some children and young adults onto the streets. That’s why one local organization is now asking for your help to insure everyone has a safe place to lay their head at night.

“COVID-19 is effecting us in a way that’s more than just stuck at home and having to wear a mask. It’s forcing our kids to think about, ‘what if I go homeless and what do I need to do to survive,‘” said Gilliard & Company CEO/Co-Founder Whitney Gilliard.

For Gilliard, the impact of the pandemic is something they felt immediately.

“You know, when COVID happened everyone fended, you know, for their own family. They grabbed everything for their own family,” said Gilliard.

Heartbreaking for Gilliard, not because of what she needs but because of what foster children and those just out of foster care need.

“They deserve to have people grad things for them too and care for them too,” Gilliard said.

Young adults, like Davonnia Gentry, who recently aged out of foster care, now attempting to adjust to a new life, alone.

“First few weeks I was lonely and my anxiety was bad.”

But luckily for Gentry, she had Gilliard & Company to help support her.

“The Gilliard & Company gave me a home. Made me feel welcome.”

But sadly for many young adults, that’s not the case.

“A lot of our young adults were already at risk for homelessness. No where to go, no one to turn to, they can’t travel, they don’t have a car. Where do they go? They turn to the streets,” said Gilliard.

Due to COVID many apartments aren’t taking new residents and families are far less willing to bring them into their own homes. Which is the one thing they need most right now.

“They deserve a door with a key that opens and they can walk in,” said Gilliard.

Something Gilliard & Company can give these young adults, but not without your help.

“We’re not invisible we are here. So, come visit us anytime and see how you can help out.”

Of course helping with housing is the best way you can support them right now, but they are also looking for assistance furnishing homes as well.

If you’d like more information on how you can get involved click here.

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