GSU lab making face shields

GSU lab making face shields

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - All universities in Georgia either require masks now or they will by the start of Fall semester, including Georgia Southern. But the university department figured out a way to supply more safety when crowds return to campus.

Clear face shields can be hard to find in the market these days. So some at Georgia Southern’s Statesboro campus are cranking them out for themselves and others.

3D printers roll out the headbands. The lab for the Manufacturing Engineering program can produce 40 of them an hour.

They then punch holes in a piece of plastic and put the two pieces together. The lab’s manager says they initially made some for Augusta University’s Medical College of Georgia.

But the threat of COVID has spread since then and the return to campus can have some people anxious about possible exposure. That can include older faculty and staff.

“We wanted to give them an extra layer of protection. We also have those folks at the Dining Commons or wherever and they’re facing a lot of people. We wanted to give them an extra layer of protection,” said Andrew Michaud, Lab Manager.

He says they're making them as needed now, but they could produce as many as 1,500 before Fall semester.

In addition to the shields, they’re also making these - called Ear Savers. They go behind your head and hook in your mask loops to give you a little relief.

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