New delivery food service started on Tybee Island

New delivery food service started on Tybee Island

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) - A new business is driving around Tybee Island and the surrounding area delivering food orders.

Tybee Eats Delivery has hit the ground running and has already had a great response. Owner, Cameron Cook says this is just the beginning of something big for the island.

“I was just sitting down and came up with the idea. I know that there’s no Uber Eats down here and sometimes I just want to sit at home, and I want to get something delivered,” Cook said.

With the high demand of takeout orders, Cook is another avenue for people to safely get their favorite meal from their favorite restaurant.

“The response has been incredible,” Cook said.

The concept is easy.

“The customer just calls in the to-go order with a restaurant, then sends us a text. The text just needs to be their name, their address, the restaurant they ordered from, the total and about how long it’s going to be,” Cook said.

Then, Cook gets into his car drives to the restaurant to pick it up and brings it to you.

“I’m getting a lot of tourists and then I’m getting a lot of locals who have been waiting for this,” Cook said.

Right now, Cook is working as one man band. He says he hopes to hire a staff and help with the unemployment situations many are currently facing.

“With everything going on and stuff, nowadays, we all have to stand together, stay together and work together,” Cook said.

And this is exactly what his platform is: #supportlocal.

Cook says he is keeping his car clean, wiping everything down after each order and wearing his mask on deliveries.

“We try to provide a good, fast service so the food is still hot and a clean service,” Cook said.

This job is not only enjoyable to Cook, since he says he likes to drive, but it's allowing him to work full-time where he lives.

“I was actually going to go back working for a local company here and when I thought of this idea. I said I’m just going to run with it. I’m all in,” Cook said.

For a little more than a week, the business has been in full swing. Initially it was only serving Tybee folks, but it has since spread to Wilmington.

“I think it’s just really great. It’s fulfilling for me,” Cook said.

Cook says he has a flat fee. Delivery to Tybee locations its $8 and Wilmington deliveries are $20.

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