Bulloch, Toombs counties seeing more COVID-19 cases

Bulloch, Toombs counties seeing more COVID-19 cases

BULLOCH & TOOMBS COUNTIES, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s becoming more common site to see a line of cars outside a testing site. And that includes rural areas of Georgia.

Some testing sites have become permanent. This way, as many people who need testing can have that opportunity. Health officials say educating the public every day is what can help keep the number of cases down.

As of Monday, the Georgia Department of Public Health reports that there are more than 6,000 positive cases of COVID-19 in the Southeast Health District. The Tattnall County Health Department Nurse Manager Synita Mathis says they’ve recently seen an increase in testing.

“Testing in the last few days has picked up. I think people are just more interested in knowing whether they’ve been exposed or if they have COVID,” said Mathis.

Bulloch County and Toombs County have permanent testing sites that are open weekly. Other counties in the district have had pop-up mobile sites and will keep getting them as this pandemic continues.

"We've seen everybody. From, you know, the older population to the youngest, babies. It's not one that's more than the other, I think, it's just been a little bit of everybody."

The Department of Public Health says that Coffee County has the highest number of cases, followed by Bulloch County which just surpassed the 800 mark Monday.

“We tell everyone to look for their results in three to five days. If they haven’t heard from their results on day number six they can call.”

Mathis says the biggest change they've had during this time, with testing, is their process. This new way has allowed testing to flow better and be faster.

"Before, the system that we were using you would have to come in to bring information into the building, here, where we were actually getting the patient worked up to be seen on the outside. Now, we have tablets so we can actually bring the equipment on the outside and scan everything at the car."

As cases continue to rise, Mathis says following the CDC guidelines and wearing a mask are what will help keep the numbers down.

"If you're definitely coming out into the public or if you're going to the grocery store to shop, whatever it is, they can just put those masks on and protect yourself as much as possible and just think about others who may be around you."

Testing sites are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in Bulloch County and on Tuesday in Toombs County. For additional information you can head to the Southeast Health Department website.

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