Tormenta FC season opener to be played this Saturday

Tormenta FC season opener to be played this Saturday

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - The pandemic has touched almost every aspect of life, including sports. One team in Statesboro pushed a game back due to COVID-19 but they plan to play this weekend.

The head of Statesboro's pro soccer team says the team is ready to play the season opener even though it got pushed back seven days. But they want to play it safely, for players coaches and fans.

The team announced Monday that the game with Richmond Kickers that was suppose to happen Saturday will happen this Saturday in Statesboro. They found out Friday that two players tested positive in their weekly COVID-19 screenings.

The team president says they’re following protocols to quarantine those players and protect others from the spread.

“We went through lots of consultations, our team doctors and our league. We want to get it right and get it right from the beginning,” said Tormenta FC President Darin Van Tassell/

He says they'll still ask fans to wear masks to the game and have other precaution measures in place this Saturday.

Van Tassell says they’ll continue to test players on a weekly basis and adjust practice, and anything else, based on what happens.

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