Manna House in need of volunteers for food distribution

A shortage of volunteers makes weekly food distributions more challenging

Manna House in need of volunteers for food distribution

RINCON, Ga. (WTOC) - A small group of volunteers, busy Tuesday preparing for yet another food distribution at the Manna House in Rincon.

The food coming in just in time, but sadly not everything they need has been.

“We need about 25 people to operate every drive and we’ve been operating them with ten and twelve,” said Assistant Director of the Manna House Liz Quarterman.

Much of their core group of volunteers.

“Who are between the ages of 65 and 88 and they can’t come back due to COVID right now,” Quarterman says.

Still doing their best to adapt and continue to support the community they love.

“Every week there’s been a change in somebody’s household that requires assistance. But, every time it does we sure get the food in here we just need the volunteers to help us put it out.”

But they can't do that without your help.

Whether it's traffic control, putting food in cars, or just being a smiling face they have a place for you.

And the requirements to join aren't too strict.

“I mean if you’re not vulnerable to COVID. You don’t have any type of physical injury that would keep you from participating in this, we need volunteers,” said Quarterman.

An experience Quarterman believes, is unlike any other.

“You can look on the web page, you can look in the newspaper, you can see our flyers. But until you come over here and you volunteer for one of our drives, you don’t fall in love with it, and I promise you, you will get hook, line, and sinker into giving out this food and seeing the smiles and the joy that comes from doing it.”

If you aren’t able to volunteer your time Quarterman says they do still need financial donations regularly to allow them to continue to support the community.

For more information on how to volunteer or donate just click here.

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