Businesses offering free WiFi to ECSD students

The school district is asking for help providing wifi to students returning virtually

Businesses offering free wifi to ECSD students

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Last week, the Effingham County School District sent out a message asking for the communities’ help.

Without hesitation businesses, like the Local on Laurel in Springfield, and the Riggs Funeral Home in Guyton are now reaching out their hands to the school district and families in desperate need of WiFi.

“Certainly Effingham is a tight knit group and I think every body’s here to help one another. It’s a great community to be in for sure, especially in times like these,” said Funeral Director for Riggs Funeral Home Luke Sheridan.

For Sheridan and Riggs Funeral Home, it was never a question.

“We kind of wanted to open the doors to offer a place for the kids to come.”

Sharing their WiFi and a place to sit and do school work safely for free.

Recognizing the importance of this resource.

“It’s a challenging time for all the community. Especially with things like WiFi. It’s not something that is available to every home or the school district can provide to every single home,” said Sheridan.

Of course, they can safely accommodate every student who needs WiFi in Effingham County, but that’s okay because they aren’t the only ones.

“We are going to be allowing students and parents come to our parking lot and use our WiFi for free,” said Local on Laurel Manager Sabrina Heller.

For Local on Laurel helping made perfect sense.

“Our WiFi is not always used during the day because most of our events happen at night,” said Heller.

Stepping up to help, serving as a reminder of just how strong this community is.

“We all care for each other here and we want the best for our students and our parents and our teachers. I just feel like all of us working together is going to be a great thing,” Heller says.

Both businesses say they are still working out the specifics, but virtual and in-person school are set to begin in the county on August 5.

If you have WiFi access at your business that families may use to access school-related content, contact Jeff Larisy. He can also be reached by phone (912) 754-5533 x1146.

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