Chatham Co. commission, Coastal Health District give COVID-19 update

Chatham Co. commission, Coastal Health District give COVID-19 update

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Chatham County.

Health Director Dr. Lawton Davis spoke before county commissioners about some of the local data and what they are watching.

The coronavirus pandemic is far from over, and that’s realized when you look at the local data from the Coastal Health District. A month ago on June 24 there was a rolling average of 32 daily cases while Friday it was up to 136.

“That is a 327 percent increase”

When it comes to the community spread index Dr. Davis told commissioners Chatham County has seen an increase by nearly 400 percent in the past month. While these numbers are high, the district health director says it appears the numbers are flattening a bit.

Still the Coastal Health District is seeing a test positivity rate at 13.6 percent an increase and say Chatham County now ranks 6th in the state for reported cases of COVID-19 - with the results of Independence Day still to be seen.

“Another thing that is a little bit concerning to me is that we are just now entering what I would call the July the 4th window. We are three weeks from July the 4th weekend that’s about the time you could expect to potentially see an increase in case activity based on the activity of July 4th. Don’t know that that will happen, hope it doesn’t happen but we’re in that window,” said Dr. Lawton Davis, Coastal Health District Director.

Commissioner James Jones joined the meeting virtually and mentioned a desire to see the board do something regarding masking even if the county can’t mandate it.

“I understand the governor is saying that we cannot require it, but can we do some kind of proclamation, recommendation, proclamation whatever you want to call it stating that we recommend the citizens in Chatham County to wear masks so we can put some more literature some more language out there so the people in the county understand that we are trying to listen to what’s being out there study-wise across the United States of America,” said Commissioner James Jones, District 6.

Commission Chairman Al Scott says they do not have any formal plans to discuss masks in the future, but he will have a conversation with Governor Brian Kemp before the end of the month.

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