Beaufort County Schools to remain flexible as students return to class

Beaufort County Schools to remain flexible as students return to class

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) -Beaufort County Schools say they are being flexible as the start of school gets closer. They are starting to get an idea of what parents want for their children.

Parents, students, and teachers haven’t been able to step into their school since mid-March. Now, teachers and parents are able to choose whether they want face to face or virtual learning.

“And so we are having to be incredibly malleable as a school district right now,” says Duke Bradley, Deputy Superintendent of Beaufort County Schools.

More parents have picked their path for learning this year. Enrollment has doubled since the back to school plan was announced just over a week ago.

“So we are still planning for flexible options for our parents and families,” Bradley says. “So, internally that means we are preparing for multiple scenarios. Whether that’s that’s face-to-face, hybrid, or a virtual those things are still very much on the table at the moment.”

Over 12,000 students have registered for the school year and the split is almost even

“So a slightly higher percentage of our parents at the moment are choosing for the face-to-face for live learning environment.”

Meanwhile, parents are asking questions. The most popular have been if a parent can change their choice after they’ve registered- for the most part, the district says they can.

“We know these are unprecedented times and just like our plan is flexible, we want their decision-making process to be flexible as well,” said Candace Bruder with Beaufort County Schools.

Parents also want to know how the different systems will work.

“What does the virtual program look like? I mean, a lot of people understand what physical distancing is and they understand the masks and all that stuff, but in terms of virtual instruction… That’s very different depending on different age learners and things like that.”

The district says they will be putting together a full briefing on how the virtual instruction will work this year and post that online in the next few days

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