Lowcountry fire departments address lack of fire hydrants in neighborhood

Lowcountry fire departments address lack of fire hydrants in neighborhood
* (Source: WTOC)

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) -Fire departments in the Lowcountry have joined together to make sure more areas have the best fire protection possible. One issue has been a lack of fire hydrants in one community.

Fire hydrants are spread thin In Beaufort County’s more rural areas. That’s why the Burton Fire Department has come up with an automatic agreement with the Sheldon Fire Department. In the last few years, houses have been lost in more rural areas like Seabrook where water is not as accessible. This week the Burton Fire District will be practicing moving water long distances so they can avoid that issue in the future.

“Because in a lot of our remote areas we don’t have access to hydrants and things like this,” says Firefighter Michael Simmons. “So in order to get the water supply to where we need to go, we need to practice this.”

Some stretches may be five miles away from the nearest water source, which means having a water tanker that can quickly come help the fire district is vital as are long hoses. The fire department has 10 of these hundred-foot hoses that link up, creating 1000 foot transport so they can get the water from the fire hydrant to the house.

The agreement will bring Sheldon’s water tank to calls Burton Fire District is responding to. Water will be pumped from a hydrant to the tank, and create a continuous water supply for the fire. This training made sure everyone was familiar and comfortable with the equipment. The goal is to close the water gap between the fire department and it’s rural coverage areas.

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