Savannah’s small businesses eyeing next stimulus package

Savannah’s small businesses eyeing next stimulus package

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Senate Republicans are expected to propose their next stimulus package Monday in order to help the country’s struggling economy.

WTOC checked in with some local businesses to see if they still need help through the next stimulus package. One local boutique owner tells us her sales still aren’t where they should be for this time of year, so she will definitely be applying for any type of financial assistance.

“Like I said, anything is helpful for us. And it’s hard too, because I know we aren’t the only ones suffering,” said Tara Kirkland, Owner of Custard Boutique.

Although it’s nice to see the open signs in Savannah’s storefronts and people eating at restaurants, many of the city’s small business owners say things aren’t back to normal just yet.

“Our industry took a huge hit because suddenly people aren’t going on dates, to concerts, or work at the office. So, all of those things we provide, they aren’t really necessary,” Kirkland said.

Kirkland also says she’s been having to change her inventory. She’s been cutting down on clothes and trying to find other items that still fit the store’s brand - like home decor.

Congressman Buddy Carter of Georgia’s 1st Congressional District is also weighing in on the next stimulus package.

“One of the most important things small businesses need to know right now is there is still funding available in the Paycheck Protection Program. If a small business still needs help, they can get it. I personally believe we need to see how the trillions of dollars we have already spent is working before we spend another trillion dollars. However, I do hope to see legal protections for small businesses and incentives to bring employees back to work in the next COVID-19 package,” said Rep. Buddy Carter.

For more information about the Payment Protection Program, click here.

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