Beaufort officers learning new techniques during defense training classes

Beaufort officers learning new techniques during defense training classes

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Officers with the Beaufort Police Department are learning a new type of defensive technique just in case there is a random violent encounter.

“This training is beyond invaluable. Because this training right here stops the violent encounters from getting to a level where you have to… were you are out of options. You have to possibly go to a lethal option,” First Sgt. Trisha Drubaker said.

“You don’t have enough options, sometimes officers use what they’re more comfortable with. But to be able to nonviolently push them back or something like that, I think it’s a lot more useful and good to know,” Officer Sean Flomer said.

“This is a grappling face curriculum to help the officers gain skills to better be able to control and step to people without having to hurt them,” Stillness Gym owner Cesar Clavijo said. Officers are preparing for any encounter. The class is being provided by the Stillness Gym for free.

“I believe in the job they are doing to keep us safe.”

Officers are able to learn fighting techniques that can tire an attacker without hurting them. “A person my size going up against a bag, you know, MMA, you know bodybuilder? There’s no way I’m going to win against him. But if I can hold onto him and tire him out, it’s going to make the world a difference.”

“It gives you more options on things to do when you’re out there.”

The methods are important as police across the nation reevaluate how they respond to conflict.

“I feel like at this time, you know, with the climate going on in our country, it’s more important than ever to give these officers the skills.”

Officers say with this training they can go into the field with confidence.

“We don’t want violent encounters. We don’t want anyone to get hurt. We want everyone to go home safe at night.”

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